Texas wholesale and 1.4g Pro

Hello all, new here live in Cypress and trying to find the best option for buying 1.4 pro by the case. We put together a big order for Spirit of 76 but the shipping was brutal.

Any recommendations for a wholesaler in Houston/Dallas/Austing/San Antonio areas is appreciated.

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Chris Stasey sells wholesale product, he’s near Stephenville, but he’s a bit busy right now. His contact is in this thread:

Thanks, I’ll reach out to him. Unless I’m an idiot, and it’s a possibility, the “membership” tab is taking me to a dead link.

I’ll send an email to the “info” address and see what needs to be done to join.

Would love to help you out! But, we are way too late in the season for July 4th… Please reach out to me after the 4th.

And… yes, sign up for PAT! Membership has it’s privileges.


I’ve asked our webmaster to repair the link. Thanks for you patience! This is JJ.

Chris is the best! His prices to members is better than what others best prices are.